Mini Car Derby
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Mini Car Derby

Date of Show: Friday, August 25, 2023
Location: Motor Sports Arena

Competition Director: Michael Holbrook 615-478-0051

Announcers: TBA

Stock – 4 Cylinder & 6 Cylinder

Run in Same Heat
Participation Waiver Signed at Registration
(17 years and under parent or guardian must sign waiver)

- 13 to 17 yrs. – Birth Certificate, Proof of Age or License

- Stock Engine – No Performance Parts
- Can Run Headers, Aluminum Radiators
- After Market Gas Pedal & Steering Column
- Stock Wheels Welded Centers.

1st - $1,000 & Trophy
2nd - $800.00 & Trophy
3rd - $600.00 & Trophy
4th - $400.00 & Trophy
5th - $200.00 & Trophy



  1. Wheelbase must not exceed 102” for RWD cars and 108” for FWD uni-body cars only.NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. No shortening “snubbing” of frames – front or back.No moving of axles to shorten wheel base.
  3. Must be powered by four or six cylinder engines.NO V8s.
  4. NO LEAFING MINI CARS – Ex. (No adding of extra leafs to existing leafs.No coil to leaf spring conversions.)No four-wheel drive vehicles.
  6. Stock gas tank MUST be removed.Gas tanks must be relocated behind driver’s seat, securely fastened and covered.Any visible leaking fuel will result in automatic disqualification.All plastic tanks must be in a steel enclosure.However, it cannot be bolted to strengthen the car.
  7. All glass, chrome molding, hood latches, gas tanks, and rear seats must be removed before cars arrive at the fairgrounds.
  8. Stock type hood must be used.Hoods must be open for inspection and cannot be bent down in front of radiator.Hoods can be secured in 6 places with 2” by 2” x ¼ angle (NO longer than 6” with 3/8 inch bolts) or #9 wire in 6 places.You may use 1” all thread only in core support with 3” max spacer, but this will count as 2 of your 6 places!The factory rubber bushing between the sub-frame and frame must remain using the 1” all thread.
  10. Radiators must stay in original location and can be wired on all four corners.You may run electric fan.Factory condensers only and they may be wired in, not welded.
  11. Batteries must be moved to the passenger’s side floor board.The battery box cannot strengthen the car in any way.NO more than 2 batteries.
  12. No welding on frames or seams.This will be checked.No plated frames.
  13. Cutting the ends off bumpers and fenders for clearance is permitted.
  14. All cars must sit level within 5” with no car sitting lower than 16” from the bottom of the bumpers or higher than 21” from the bottom of the bumpers.
  15. Sunroofs must be covered, no exceptions.
  16. CAGE or DRIVERS DOOR BAR IS MANDATORY!!A welded 4-point cage can be put around driver’s compartment.It has to be no bigger than 4” x 6” inches and can be welded to car but not excessively.The front bar has to be 5” from the firewall and tunnel.Back cage bar no further back than 12”s past driver/passenger door post.NO KICKERS AT ALL OF ANY KIND (OUTER, INNER, DOWN, OR UP)!Roll over bars are mandatory!Roll over bar must be straight up and down.Gas tank can sit on or in a steel protector coming off the back cage bar but not touch any sheet metal.Must be “floating”.Gas tank proctors size cannot exceed more than 2” in length or width of standard fuel cell/gas tank.Standard Size fuel cell measurements are:12” long x 10” wide so add 2”s to each and that will be recommended size.NO EXCESSIVE PROTECTOR!!
  17. Motor swaps and rear end swaps are allowed.Slip shafts are allowed.
  18. No protectors at all.
  19. You can use aftermarket steering column, after market tie rods.Front sway bar cannot be welded.
  20. Transmission coolers or oil coolers are allowed.No transmission protectors at all.
  21. Any year factor bumpers which can be welded are allowed.Loaded factory bumpers or homemade (McCollum/DEC type) bumpers are allowed, but no extreme pointed bumpers, you will either cut the extreme point off or grind it down.Homemade bumper ends must be capped.If you’re using homemade bumper, no sharp points on end of bumper.No I beam bumpers.C channel bumpers must have the C part facing inwards towards car.
  22. Homemade bumper stocks are allowed and cannot exceed 12” in length and must be inside frame.Homemade bumper shocks must be tubing (square, round or rectangular.)One piece of tubing, no doubling/stacking of tubing.3” tubing max.Bumper shocks will be measured from back of bumper where the shocks are mounted/bolted/welded!No added bolts through bumper shock and frame!If the bumper shocks came factory mounted on the outside of frame, you can leave the factory shock bolted and it cannot be welded to side of the frame.If you chose to run the factory mounted shock on outside of frame; bumper can only be welded to the mounting plate of stock shock and the mounting plate welded to the front of frame.You cannot substitute factory mounted outside stock shock for tubing!
  23. Doors and trunk seams can be welded solid using no bigger than 3” strapping by 1/8th inch thick material.No re-enforcing body panels.Trunk must have open 12” hole to see inside.Body ceasing and pre-bending is allowed.No wedge cars, quarter panels must remain up.One window bar is allowed from top of roof, not to exceed 6” from back glass and down to truck but not to exceed 6” from back of speaker deck.Back window bar cannot touch rollover bar.This is for safety only!
  24. NO WELDING except bumpers, door/trunk seam and motor mounts or for preran patch plates.
  25. PRERAN cars are allowed patch plates; on uni-body (frame) of car only.Must be visibly bent or broke.Allowing only 4 plates total:3”x5” plates 1/8” thick.Plates cannot touch one another and must have ½”gap between welds.If you abuse this rule everyone will lose this rule!!
  26. In clarification of the Crush Boxes:You can only cut the crush box off the front of the car (the first 2-3”) and weld the bumper on.Nothing can be cut or welded behind core support.This is to only aid in helping mount bumper to car!You can add a small 2-3” wide strap 5” long (max 1/8”) from top of bumper to top of frame strap cannot go behind core support!!
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