Antique & Farm Stock Tractor Pull
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Antique & Farm Stock Tractor Pull

Date of Show: August 20, 2023
Time of Show: 2:00 p.m.
Location: Motor Sports Arena (see map below)



Co-Chairman: Donald Eskew - 615-444-2238 or 615-636-6084

Co-Chairman: Myles Dillon - 615-944-1232

Entry Fee: $20.00

Two Pulls per Tractor

Registration & Weigh-In: 1:00 p.m.
Pull Time
: 2:00 p.m.

No Refund on Rain Delays / Only Cancellations

Participant Entrance: Tennessee Blvd. Gate, ONE FREE PASS per pulling vehicle.

Pay Out for all Classes: 1st - $50.00 - 2nd - $30.00 - 3rd - $20.00

Weight Classes (Including Driver’s Weight) – No Weight Tolerance!
Two Sleds

Pulling Order Sled #1 Class #1 Up - Pulling Order Sled #2 Class #17 Down

1. 3000 lbs. Antique
2. 3500 lbs. Antique
3. 4000 lbs. Antique
4. 4500 lbs. Farm Stock
5. 4500 lbs. Powder Puff
6. 4500 lbs. Antique
7. 5000 lbs. Antique
8. 5500 lbs. Farm Stock
9. 5500 lbs. Powder Puff
10. 5500 lbs. Antique
11. 6000 lbs. Antique
12. 6500 lbs. Farm Stock
13. 6500 lbs. Antique
14. 7500 lbs. Farm Stock
15. 7500 lbs. Antique
16. 5500 lbs. Open
17. 6000 lbs. Open


  1. 1900 – 1959 – Serial number be intact and not altered.See Open rules below.
  2. Diesel or gasoline 93 octane or less, no fuel pumps except for factory installation, must be naturally aspirated. Must be factory carbs as per tractor model.
  3. Tractor must weigh within limits of each class.No weight tolerance.
  4. Two entry per tractor unless Antique is entered in Powder Puff.
  5. Tractor must maintain stock engine and appearance except for wheely bars.
  6. No differential or drive line alterations.
  7. Add on suitcase weights allowed. They may not extend more than 11 feet from the center of the rear axle to the furthest point forward. Anything falling off tractor during pull will result in disqualification.Pull ends when any tire or part of the sled touches boundary line.
  8. Factory high RPM only, 20% override.
  9. Under 18 years of age requires track official and parent or guardian approval and requires kill switch.
  10. Tractors must pull in first gear and start with a tight chain. Driver must remain in seat during pull with one hand on the steering wheel.No bouncing allowed. No shifting of TA or other two speed devices allowed.
  11. Front tires may not leave the ground more than 18 inches during pull.
  12. Each puller has 2 attempts to pass the 25-foot mark. Pull is official after 25 feet. Pull is over when forward motion of sled is stopped or red flag is dropped. First puller may not pull over.
  13. Sled operator may disqualify any puller for unsportsmanlike conduct, intoxication, or failing to stop if red flagged by flagman.
  14. No one allowed on track except puller, track officials, parent or guardian.
  15. Ring drawbar only. 20-inch maximum drawbar height, 18-inch minimum length from center of rear axle to pulling point. Drawbar ring is to be made of one-inch diameter material. Ring hole size must be at least three inches.
  16. All tractors must be registered before class starts.
  17. A protest must be filed within weight class before next class begins. Any tractor found illegal by officials will be disqualified. Protestor’s tractor will be checked first.
  18. Judges decision is final.


  1. Tire sizes may not exceed 18.4x38 in all classes.
  2. Cut tires, pressed steel, and cutoffs are allowed, maximum wheel diameter of 38”.
  3. Women may pull Antique or Powder Puff, but not both on the same tractor in the same class.


  1. Maximum tire sizes is 15.5 x 38 with rim size called for on tire. No cut tires allowed.
  2. Tractors must have factory or factory replacement blocks, factory front and rear rims, no pressed steel wheels if not factory or oversized wheels. No governor kits or MSD boxes allowed. Electronic ignitions allowed.


  1. Up to 1963; may not run on alcohol
  2. Parts from other tractors permitted
  3. Any type wheel permitted with tire size through 18.4 x 38.
  4. Unlimited RPM override permitted
  5. Tractor may pull in any gear.
  6. All tractors turning over 3000 RPM must have an approved scatter blanket or ¼” steel enclosure around bell housing.Must also have a 4-bar cage surrounding front pulley.
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