Remote Control Mini Demolition Derby
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Remote Control Mini Demolition Derby

Date: Monday, August 19, 2024
Time: Competition check-in begins at 5:00 and elimination heats begin at 6:00, beginning with the youngest age bracket
Location: East/West Building
Pit Area and Wi-Fi available
No preregistration required. Register at the event.

Description of Event

The object of this event is to outlast other competitors within your heat be keeping your vehicle within the arena boundary and functioning while trying to force your opponents to cross the boundary or get into a position that prevents it from progressing. Drivers may work on their car prior to the first heat and between subsequent heats. Once cars are placed within the arena, they may not be touched until the heat is complete.

The Car Design

Cars/Trucks for 12th grade and under [Amateur Class]:
Four Age Brackets: 2nd grade and under, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th grade, 9th-12th grade

Construction, Weight and Size:
The maximum weight allowed is 3 lbs. Vehicles must be non-tethered, plastic, 2WD or 4WD and no larger than 1:12 scale. Vehicle length must be between 12 in and 17 in. Vehicles should not have any modifications from its original design to strengthen the body or frame. All vehicles should bear a vehicle number to prevent confusion. Stunt cars with independent 4WD will not be allowed.

There is a possibility that two vehicles could be operating on the same remote frequency. Prior to the event investigate if you have the ability to adjust your frequency.

Cars/Trucks for 6th grade and up [PRO-AM CLASS]
Three Age Brackets: 6th to 8th grade, 9th-12th grade, Adult
Entry Fee: $5.00

Construction, Weight and Size:
Cars/trucks must be individual or team built. If team, competition bracket will be based on age of oldest team member. Body must be made from thin, easily bendable metal (ex. metal from sale signs, flashing, etc.), single layer only. Pieces may be joined by rivets or screws, but no welding.

Size limitations are:
  • Maximum Length: 26 inches
  • Maximum Width: 12 inches
  • Maximum Height: 8 inches rooftop to ground
  • Maximum Weight: 7 pounds with body on frame with battery installed
Failure to adhere to the following guidelines will result in disqualification:
  • Mechanical: Cars/trucks must be purely mechanical. No use of fluids, chemical, etc. (aside from the batteries used to power the vehicle).
  • Dangerous: The cars/trucks must not contain parts that might be dangerous if the vehicle is picked up. For example, there should be no edges that are sharp enough to cut someone from casually picking up the car/truck.
  • Operation: The vehicle must not operate in a way that will have a significant chance injury of a bystander. By definition, damage to vehicles is to be expected.
  • Other Constraints: No vehicle shall be at odds with the intent of good sportsmanship. We are here to have fun!
  • Construction: Vehicles must be ready made or built by contestants.

Heat Rules

1. All vehicles will be inspected to verify construction and size compliance. Failure to meet the guidelines by 6:00 p.m. will result in disqualification.

2. Competitors will have 1 minute to report to the arena as soon as the competition bracket is announced.

3. At least 2 officials will be stationed with clipboards and stopwatches, scoring rollovers for the cars. A green flag will start the heat.

4. In each heat, you will be allowed 2 rollovers to the vehicle's side or roof. During the rollover you will be given a count of 10 to get upright. After the 10-count, an arena official will return your vehicle to upright in the same location, but you will be charged for a rescue. The third rollover (third rescue) will end your participation in the heat. Your vehicle will power down and remain in the arena for the remainder of the heat.

5. Your vehicle must totally remain inside the arena boundary line for the entire length of the heat. Driving onto the boundary line will cost you a Rescue. If the entire vehicle crosses the boundary line, the vehicle is immediately disqualified.

6. You are expected to score a 'hit' every 20 seconds. If an official notices you are maneuvering to avoid making contact or sitting in a corner, sand-bagging, you will be black-flagged (disqualified). You must power down and your car stays in the arena.

7. You may not step into the arena after the heat begins, and your vehicle will remain in the arena until the heat is totally completed. If two cars become entangled, the heat will be paused (Yellow flag), and an official will separate the two vehicles without penalty to either car.

8. Elimination heats will continue until there are enough competitors to have the final heat for that bracket with no more than 10 competitors. First round elimination heats will stop when 5 vehicles remain in motion to move to the next round (Checkered flag). In the Final Heat of any age bracket, vehicles will continue until only the last vehicle is functioning. Premiums and Trophies will be awarded for the last 3 competitors in the heat.

9. Arguing or complaining between competitors or with officials will not be accepted and competitors will be asked to leave the event. Officials have the final decision on all matters. Three Rescues will result in disqualification.


Amatuer Class: (for each age bracket)
1st - $30
2nd - $25
3rd - $20

Pro-Am Class: (for each age bracket)
1st - $50
2nd - $40
3rd - $30

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