Dairy Goat Show
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Dairy Goat Show

Date of Show: August 20

Time of Show: 11 a.m.

Location: Covered Arena (Building Y)

Information for Competitors

no dogs allowed in barns or show ring areas

Both Rings are Sanctioned by the AMERICAN DAIRY GOAT ASSOCIATION

Livestock Trailers enter through Tennessee Blvd. Checkerboard Entrance.

Judges: Katie Jackson & Cade Cockburn

Show Chairman: Chad Boyce - 9 Cumberland Creek Lane, Carthage, TN 37030; Phone: 615-767-8225; Email: cumberlandcreekfarms15@gmail.com

Show Secretary:
Tonya Higginbotham


1st - $25.00 •2nd - $20.00 •3rd - $15.00 •4th - $12.00 • 5th - $10.00

Best of Breed/Grand Champion - $25.00
Reserve Grand Champion - $20.00
Best in Show - $50.00
Best Udder in Show - $50.00
Best Udder of Breed - $25.00
Reserve - $20.00
Ring 1 Breed Order
Recorded Grade
Nigerian Dwarf

Ring 2 Breed Order
Nigerian Dwarf
Recorded Grade

Showmanship Classes start at 9:00 a.m.
Showmanship in Show Order

Lot 1 - 6 Years & Under
Lot 2 - 7 Years to 9 Years
Lot 3 - 10 Years to 12 Years
Lot 4 - 13 Years to 18 Years
Senior Doe Show for Both Ring 1 & Ring 2
Lot 1 - Under 2 Years
Lot 2 - 2 Years & Under 3
Lot 3 - 3 Years & Under 4
Lot 4 - 4 Years & Under 5
Lot 5 - 5 Years & Older
Lot 6 - Grand Champion
Lot 7 - Reserve Grand Champion
Lot 8 - Champion Challenger
Lot 9 - Best Udder of Breed (Winners of Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8)
Lot 10 – Get of Sire (3 does in milk or have freshened at least once with same sire – List sire’s name)
Lot 11 – Dairy Herd (4 does in milk or have freshened at least once owned by same exhibitor)
Lot 12 – Best Udder in Sr. Show
Lot 13 – Best in Show

Junior Doe Show Both Ring 1 & Ring 2

Lot 14 - May 1 - August 16

Lot 15 - March 1-April 30
Lot 16 – January 1 – February 28
Lot 17 – 8 to 12 months
Lot 18 – 12 to 24 months
Lot 19 - Grand Champion
Lot 20 - Reserve Grand Champion
Lot 21 - Best three Junior Doe (owned by same exhibitor)
Lot 22 – Best in Show

Tennessee Youth Dairy Goat Show (will follow Showmanship)
-18 & Under Youth
-Must be resident of Tennessee and animal shown must belong to exhibitor
Supreme Champion $500
Reserve Champion $400

0-6 months Junior Does
7-24 months Junior Does
Champion Class
Supreme Champion Class

Breeds Order
Nigerian Dwarf
Recorded Grade
Champion from each breed will compete in the Supreme Champion Class


  1. This show is sanctioned by the American Dairy Goat Association and their rules shall govern.
  2. The Sr. and Jr. Doe shows are sanctioned for the following breeds: Alpine, Lamancha, Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, Saanen, Toggenburg, Recorded Grades, Oberhasli and Sable.
  3. Entries are due by August 7. Entry Fees - $12.00 per entry for both rings; Late Entry Fee - $20.00 if received after August 7. Pen fee - $5.00 per pen. Fees should be sent to Chad Boyce with checks made payable to Wilson County Promotions.
  4. Premiums will only be paid to two entries per exhibitor per class
  5. Base date for computing age of animals is August 20.
  6. Original registration certificates required for animals six months or older. Under 6 months may be shown with stamped duplicate registration application form. These papers must be shown to the show secretary before judging. No copies, telegrams or telephone calls will be accepted in lieu of original registration certificates.
  7. All goats must have a current health certificate. Out of state animals - Negative TB and Brucellosis test within 150 days of show (NO TEST REQUIRED IF YOU COME FROM A FREE STATE) or originate from a certificate and accredited herd.
  8. Animals for open show must be in place by 8:00 a.m. and will be released immediately after the show.
  9. There will be no Pre-Show milk out.
  10. The show committee reserves the right to bar obviously sick or diseased animals from the grounds.
  11. The Wilson County Promotions board and members of the show committee will not be responsible for animals, personal property, accidents, and/or injury.
  12. All milk will be kept in covered containers at all time. Violators will be asked to leave the Fairgrounds.
  13. All milk will be disposed of in designated containers.
  14. Junior and Senior Doe Shows are sanctioned separately.
  15. Animals must meet requirements of the Scrapie Program.
  16. Classes will not be changed for any reason.
  17. The show order is subject to change to make the show run smoothly.
  • Livestock Trailers need to enter through TENNESSEE BOULEVARD Entrance.
  • All Livestock Exhibitors and Drivers of Vehicles transporting livestock will be admitted FREE.
  • An Exhibitor is defined as the Person Who Attends the Animal in the Show Ring.
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