Adult Photography Contest
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Adult Photography Contest

Date of Show: August 17-26
Time of Show: Fair Hours
Location: Expo Hall - South Hall

Information for Competitors

Adult Photography Contest
(18 plus years)

Chair: Gayle Gannaway


Expert Liason: Jana Roberts


Prizes:1st - $10• 2nd - $7• 3rd - $5• Best of Show – Rosette

  • Competition open only to Wilson County residents; 18 years and older.
  • Register online or all entries must be entered between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 12, at the Wilson County Expo Center. All entries must be presented in person on Saturday, August 12.
  • Professional Photographers can enter ONLY in the OPEN Professional Photography Category LOT SP2. All OTHER CATEGORIES are for Amateur Photographers only.
  • All photos must be at least 8" X 10" and no larger than 8" X 12" and firmly (No White Border or a Border of any kind wrapping your image) MUST BE MOUNTED ON 11X14 FORM BOARD (NO FRAMES). BOARDS ARE TO BE NO THICKER THAN .5 INCHES. THIS IS TO ENSURE THAT THE BOARDS ARE PLACED PROPERLY IN THE RACK SLOTS. BOARDS, SMALLER OR LARGER THAN 11"X14", WILL BE REFUSED. No oval mats or framed pictures. Judging is a reflection of Mat. Construction paper and poster board are not acceptable forms of presentation.
  • Entries are limited to 10 prints per person, and only 1 print will be accepted in each lot.
  • All photos must be the original work of the exhibitor. Management reserves the right to place photos in the proper category.
  • Judging will be based on technical quality, creativity, artistic, composition, originality, presentation and relevance to the category.
  • Name, address and phone number of exhibitor should be printed on the back of each entry.
  • No Signature or Photographer Watermark on Photo
  • Premiums will be paid and exhibits claimed on Sunday, August 27 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. No photos may be removed before the date and time specified. Early removal will forfeit the right of entrant to enter any photos the following year. Any exhibits not claimed by September 14 will be considered abandoned and will become the property of the Wilson County Fair.
  • The photographs remain the property of the owner, however, the Fair Board and its management cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages incurred during exhibition.
  • Photos must have been made within the twelve months previous to the entry deadline. Any photograph that has previously been entered at this Fair is ineligible to compete.
  • Prize money will be paid to the number of places indicated for each lot according to the opinion of the judges. Judges reserve the right to award 4th and 5th place ribbons, with no prize money, if quality merits.
  • The management of the Fair reserves the right to refuse any photograph deemed unsuitable for competition, and all photographs will be placed & displayed at the discretion of the management of the Fair. Entries that do not meet requirements may be disqualified for awards.


2023 Fair Theme: "95 Reasons to Celebrate Tennessee" & Year of Corn

SP1a - 95 Reasons to Celebrate Tennessee (Color or B&W image)

SP1b-Year of Corn (Color or B&W Image)


SP2 – OPEN Professional Category – A Professional Photographer can enter one photo into this category. This is an OPEN category, so any LOT Description can apply. NOTE: B&W and COLOR acceptable in this category (one photo only). Professional category does not qualify for Best of Show.



Lot 1 - Portrait Child (Portrait-posed, Selfie) *Photographer is in control of Photographic position*

Lot 2 - Portrait Adult Male/Female (Portrait-posed)

Lot 3 - Portrait Multiple 2+ (Portrait-posed)

Lot 4A - Candid - 1+ Child

Lot 4B - Candid - 1 + Adult


Lot 5 - Landscape – Natural landscapes (over 50% is land). A section or portion of scenery as seen

from a single viewpoint. Scenery is the subject of a landscape image.

Lot 6 - Waterscape – Natural landscape shots (over 50% of water) with bodies of water. A picture or view of the sea or other

body of water.

Lot 7 - Cityscape (Capture the flavor of a city; photo must be recognizable as being in the city.

Example: skyline, rush-hour traffic, sidewalk crowd, etc.)

Lot 8 - Skyscape (sunsets, clouds, etc.)

Lot 9 - Weather (snow scene, lightning, fog, rain cloud etc.)

Lot 10 – Americana/Fair Theme - Any photo with a USA Flag or American Theme representations, or Fair themed (the focus/purpose of the photo). Can include nay category Lots except Lots 1-4; Portrait/Candid with people in the photo.


Lot 11A - Plants/Flowers/Fungi (Wild or Cultivated)

Lot 11B - Trees

Lot 12 - Animals/Wildlife/Sea Life/etc.

Lot 13 - Animals/Farm or Pet (tamed / domestic)

Lot 14 - Insects and other small creatures ex. snail, slugs etc.

Lot 15 - Birdlife


Lot 16 - Sports/Action/Motion/Blur/Movement

Lot 17 - Architecture (building or close-up of part of building, bridges, other structures)

Lot 18 - Landmark/Monument - (Historic building or close-up of part of building, bridges, other

structures, established piece of Art)

Lot 19 - Country (Capture the flavor of a country setting. Examples: country store, farm, field of hay

bales, barn, etc. May include people.)

Lot 20 - Still Life (Staged shots by you or someone else) *Not people or animals*

Example: fruit in a bowl, cut flowers in a vase, or an arranged grouping of items of interest.)

Lot 21 - Transportation (Past or present)

Lot 22 - Computer Manipulation/Special Effects -(Any photo that has been obviously altered to the point of Computer/Software Manipulation. Photos that have been altered to include examples of the following: Adding, heavy HDR Effects, transform images to display "non-natural" setting, or turn an image into "Fine Art, Special Effects", etc.)*NOTE: Small alterations such as 'soft color enhancement, soft sharpening done post-digital editing does not credit towards this category.' PHOTO NEEDS TO LOOK NATURAL TO THE EYE.

Lot 23 - Photojournalism/Street Photography (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or

broadcast) that employs images in order to tell a news story.

Lot 24 - Elements of Design in Color: Photos that showcase line, shape, pattern, form, and texture; can

consist of any subject matter. The idea is to zoom in onto the Element of Design and fill the

frame with it. Example: Close-up or purpose is to capture shapes.
Lot 25 - Silhouettes (an image of a person, an object or scene consisting of the outline as well as the feature less entrance. Silhouettes object usually being in black.

Lot 26 - Open (Any photo that does not fit one of the above categories. This category cannot be used as a 'filler' or purpose to enter more entries.)


Film or Digital Images in B&W/Sepia

Please reference category descriptions from Division I Color above for more details.

Lot 1 - People (1+ individual / Candid or Portrait)

Lot 2 - Landscape, waterscape or skyscape

Lot 3 - Animal (Wildlife, insects, pets, birdlife)

Lot 4 - Plants/Flower/Fungi

Lot 5 - Architecture

Lot 6 - Still Life

Lot 7 - Photojournalism/Street Photography

Lot 8 - Computer Manipulation/Special Effects - *Includes a "Pop of Color”

Lot 9 - Elements of Design in B&W: Reference color description.

Lot 10 - Transportation

Lot 11 - Weather (rain, snow, etc)

Lot 12 - Open (Any photo that does not fit one of the above categories. This category cannot be used as a

‘filler' or purpose to enter more entries.)

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