Adult Flower Show
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Adult Flower Show

Date Show: August 17-26
Time of Show: Fair Hours
Location: Expo Center

Sponsored in part by the Wilson County Gardeners' Guild & Wilson County Master Gardeners

Chairman: Laleta Shipper – 615-812-9210

Co-Chair: Joni Wohnrade - 815-271-2392

Theme: "95 Reasons to Celebrate Tennessee" - "All Rows Lead to Tennessee in '23"

Agricultural Commodity: Year of Corn


General Rules

1. Competition open to Wilson County Residents, members of the Wilson County Gardeners' Guild, Wilson County Master Gardeners or a member of a Wilson County fce Club. Must be over 18 years old.

2. Preregistration is available online until August 13 for flowers.

3. Exhibits will be entered in the Expo Center between 2 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 15 and from 12-4 p.m. on Wednesday, August 16, 2023. NO ENTRIES AFTER 4:00 P.M. THOSE IN LINE WILL BE SERVED. Workers may enter an hour earlier.

4. All entries must be identified by the exhibitor for class placement. Please label flowers by Lot 1-114.

5. All articles are exhibited at the owner's risk, but all reasonable precautions will be taken for protection of items.

6. No person may enter more than one item per lot.

7. Prizes will be awarded on the decision of the judges.

8. All plants/containers entered must be free from insects and disease. Diseased plants will be discarded.

9. The Chairman may subdivide any class by color, type and/or cultivar.

10. Premiums will be paid, and exhibits must be removed on Sunday, August 27. Exhibitors may pick up their items from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

APPOINTMENTS on August 16 for 20 ENTRIES PER PERSON/OR FAMILY 615-812-9210

The Wilson County Fair Awards

Premiums: 1st - $10; 2nd - $6; 3rd - $4

Best of Show Each Division - Rosette

Betty Fletcher Memorial Award for Best Potted Plant

Wilson County Gardeners’ Guild Awards

  1. Alice Trice Award for Overall Excellence is selected from the Best of Show winners all divisions. Winner receives name on permanent plaque.
  2. Hale Moss Award Most Flower Show Entries-The winner receives Crystal Vase
  3. Talyne Gregg Honorary Award for Best Overall Outstanding Cut Specimen.
  4. Dianna Junker Award for Best Overall Outstanding Floral Arrangement.
  5. Mary Wharton Honorary Award for Best African Violet.
  6. Esther Arrington Best Fair Theme
  7. Thersa Franklin Volunteer Award 2023 Laleta Shipper
Division I

Arrangements (Cuts Only)

  • All arrangements must contain plant material that is grown by exhibitors with no leaves in the water, vases must be full
  • Exhibitor is free to treat dried plant material or use contrived flowers and other forms made from recognizable plant materials.
  • No artificial flowers, fruit, vegetables or foliage will be permitted.
  • Fresh plant material may not be embellished or treated by application of any substance. No leaves in the water.
  • Tables and pedestals will be furnished by show committee.
  • Exhibits that utilize living creatures will not be permitted.
  • Neither the official American Flag, other national flags nor any other accessories may be used within any arrangement.
Division I - Class 1 - Arrangements (Fresh Cuts Only) Air Plants, Fairy Garden and Miniatures

Monochromatic - one color only including container Lot 1-3

Lot 1. Green color plant material including container
Lot 2. White color plant material including container
Lot 3. Any other single-color plant material & container
Lot 4: Marigolds - arrangement featured plant material
Lot 5: Herb arrangement
Lot 6. Zinnias Arrangement - featured plant material small bloom 3 or less
Lot 7. Zinnias Arrangement - Large bloom, over 3"
Lot 8. Mixed Flowers Arrangements - featuring 3 flowers
Lot 9. Wildflower arrangement featuring at least 3 kinds of wildflowers
Lot 10. Floating arrangements. Less than 6 flowers
Lot 11. Floating arrangements. More than 6 flowers
Lot 12. Sunflower arrangement
Dried Arrangements Lots 13-16
Lot 13. Dried Flowers Monochromatic dried arrangement can include twigs, vines, or berries
Lot 14. Dried Wall hanging-wreath, basket, or straw hat can include twigs, vines or berries
Lot 15. Other dried - other not listed above
Lot 16. Exhibitor's Choice - any cut dried flowers arrangements not listed above 13 to 15

New Plants - Tillandisia
Lot 17. Air plants - single miniature less 6 inches container
Lot 18. Air plants - 2 or more less 12 inches/container

Fairy Garden
May purchase some items but must include exhibitor made items or antique pieces and several small plants.
Lot 19. Fair Garden

Lot 20. Small terrariums under 8 inches
Lot 21. Small succulents under 8 inches
Lot 22. Small tea-cup garden container grown
Lot 23. Arrangements under 5 inches, fresh
Lot 24. Arrangement under 5 inches, dried
Lot 25. Hand tied Sweetheart Bouquet under 12 inches
Lot 26. Fantasy Flowers made by combining one or more small flowers and plants.

Division II – Horticulture

Cut Specimen


  • All entries must have been grown by exhibitor or have been in their possession at least ninety (90) days prior to the show.
  • Only one stem, stalk, or, small branch, etc., is allowed for each cut specimen.No groups of stems or double stalks
  • The fair will supply glassware for each exhibit until supplies are exhausted.
  • Wedging of clear tape over top, plastic wrap, celery, equisetum or plant stems is allowed – fair to furnish until supplies are exhausted
  • Cut specimens may have foliage above the water line only. No leaves in the water. All stems must be over 3"
  • Arboreal specimens must be no longer than 30” from cut end to tip.Tips must not be cut/pruned.
Cut Specimens Grown for Bloom
Lot 27: Marigold Small bloom - 2" or less
Lot 28. Marigold Large bloom - over 2"
Lot 29. Tuberose
Lot 30. Zinnia Small bloom - .5" to 1.5"
Lot 31. Zinnia Medium bloom - 1.5" to 3"
Lot 32. Zinnia Large bloom - over 3"
Lot 33. Celosia Cockscomb
Lot 34. Princess Feather
Lot 35. Daisy - Rudbeckia Small bloom head 3" or less
Lot 38: Dahlia – Decorative Bloom Small bloom – 3”
Lot 39: Dahlia - Decorative Bloom Large bloom – over 3”
Lot 40: Dahlia – Cactus Bloom Small bloom – 3” or less
Lot 41: Dahlia - Cactus Bloom Large bloom – over 3”
Lot 42: Dahlia - Novelty
Lot 43: Gladiolus
Lot 44: Sunflower Small bloom – 5” or less
Lot 45: Sunflower Large bloom over 5”
Lot 46: Coneflowers
Lot 47: Exhibitors Choice (Not Listed) Annual
Lot 48: Exhibitors Choice (Not Listed ) Perennial

Cut Decorative Leaf Specimen Grown for Foliage
Lot 49: Hosta leaf to 3 inches wide
Lot 50: Hosta leaf to 3.5 to 10 inches wide
Lot 51: Hosta leaf over 10 inches wide
Lot 52: Canna leaf 3 inches wide
Lot 53: Canna leaf over 3.5 inches wide
Lot 54: Fern frond
Lot 55: Large leaf (elephant ear must have container e.g. milk/water jug)
Lot 56: Other small leaf 6” wide
Lot 57: Other large leaf must provide container

Class 3 - Herbs - Cut
Lot 58: Basil
Lot 59: Parsley
Lot 60: Sage
Lot 61: Rosemary
Lot 62: Thyme
Lot 63: Any other Herb Specimen (not listed above) Culinary
Lot 64: Any other Herb Specimen (not listed above) Fragrant

Class 4 - Ornamental Grass - (Cut Specimen: shall be no longer than 24" from cut end to tip as it sits in vase)
Lot 65: Grown for foliage
Lot 66: Grown for seed head

Class 5 - Arboreal -
(Trees and Shrubs - specimen shall be no longer than 30" from cut end to tip)
Lot 67: Trees and shrubs exhibited for their foliage
Lot 68: Trees & shrubs exhibited for their berries
Lot 69: Trees & shrubs exhibited for cones
Lot 70: Trees & shrubs exhibited for flowers Hydrangea white
Lot 71: Trees & shrubs exhibited for flowers Hydrangea other colors
Lot 72: Other flowering trees
Lot 73: Trees & shrubs exhibited for needle foliage
Lot 74: Fruit Tree/fruit (less than 30)
Lot 75: Fruit Tree/no fruit (less than 30)

Division III

Container Grown

Pay Attention to Container Sizes

  • All entries must have been grown by exhibitor or have been in their possession at least (90) days prior to the show.
  • Only one plant per container is allowed (self-multiplication is permitted), except for Combination Planting.
  • Potted containers in Division III must not exceed 36” height or width.Measurement is from floor to top of the tallest plant.
  • Individual container grown plants may not exceed 10” in diameter.If plants extend below pot, exhibitor must furnish an inverted container for elevation.
  • Pots for combination planting may not exceed 12” in diameter.If plants extend below pot, exhibitor must furnish an inverted pot for elevation.
  • Hanging containers (blooming and foliage) may be exhibited but must have the hanging apparatus removed for judging and display.

Division III-Container Grown for Bloom
Lot 76: Begonias - 10 inch diameter
Lot 77: Impatiens - 10 inch diameter
Lot 78: Geraniums - 10 inch diameter
Lot 79: Container – Mixed at least 3 kinds - 12 inch diameter
Lot 80: Blooming Container less than 6” top diameter
Lot 81: Blooming Container 6” to 12” top diameter

Herbs, Container Grown
Lot 82: Basil
Lot 83: Parsley
Lot 84: Sage
Lot 85: Rosemary
Lot 86: Thyme
Lot 87: Any other Herb Specimen Culinary
Lot 88: Any other Herb Specimen Fragrant

Most unusual container

Lot 89: Creative use of any container not usually used as a planter (repurposed item)limit 24” x 24” any planting soil.
Lot 90: Creative use of children’s toy as a container for any planting soil.

Most unusual plant Limit 10” containers
Lot 91: Any planting in soil
Cactus and Succulents – Container Grown – limit 10” containers
Lot 92: In Bloom Succulents
Lot 93: Succulent
Lot 94: Dish Garden – Cacti and/or succulents
Lot 95: Cactus - Desert
Lot 96: Cactus-Christmas

Container Grown for Foliage
Lot 97: Coleus
Lot 98: Fern- Boston and any other long leaf
Lot 99: Any Other Fern
Lot 100:Trailing, i.e. Jew, Ivy, or Creeping Jenny
Lot 101:Mixed (at least 3 kinds)
Lot 102:Container - Any other not listed Container less than 6” top diameter
Lot 103:Container-Any other not listed Container 6” to 12” top diameter
Lot 104:Strawberry Pot with no blooming plants 10x10

African Violets - Container Grown
Lot 105: African Violet -Plain Leaf Double Blossom
Lot 106: African Violet -Plain Leaf Single Blossom
Lot 107: African Violet – Ruffled Leaf Double Bloom
Lot 108. African Violet – Ruffled Leaf Single Bloom
Lot 109: Violet Variegated Foliage Double Bloom
Lot 110: Violet Variegated Foliage Single Bloom
Lot 111: African Violet any leaf, triple bloom
Lot 112: African Violet not blooming any leaf
Lot 113: African Violet miniature *NEW*
Fair Theme for 2023
95 Reasons to Celebrate Tennessee
“All Rows Lead to Tennessee in ‘23””
Agriculture Commodity-“Year of Corn”
Use of Theme and Commodity less than 20”x20”

Lot 114: May be: Cut flower arrangement, Container grown or Dried flower arrangement
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