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fce Cultural Arts

Date of Show: August 18-27, 2022
Time of Show: Fair Hours
Location: Expo Center - South Hall


Chairperson: Wanda Briddelle 615-218-4763
Advisor: Shelly Barnes 615-444-9584

Sponsor: Wilson County PromotionsAll exhibits must be entered between 10am and 3pm on Saturday, August 13 in the Expo Center.

Wilson County TAFCE Rules for Cultural Arts

1. All first and second place winners from each Region may be exhibited. Two entries per category. No Substitution.
2. An individual may enter only one item per category.
3. Articles must be entirely the work of the Wilson County TAFCE member EXCEPT for Category #42.
4. The art or craft must have been completed during the past year (since last competition).
5. No doll kits or pre-printed ("cheater") quilts will be accepted.
6. All frameable items must be framed.
7. Each member is responsible for arranging transportation for exhibits to and from the State conference site.
8. Each Region must provide its own materials required to exhibit articles. Tape and nails cannot be used on walls. If items are best displayed hung, please provide a means of hanging.
9. Entries will be exhibited by category.
10. A "Viewer's Choice" award by popular vote will be presented.
11. A list of Region winners should be sent to State Chair as soon as chosen.
12. The Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education (TAFCE), Wilson County fce, its officers or members, or the University of Tennessee Extension staff will not be responsible for any lost, misplaced or damaged items. We do not anticipate any misfortunes, but this disclaimer must be clearly understood by all exhibitors.
13. All exhibitors must be Wilson County TAFCE members in good standing.

Prizes in each category: 1st - $12; 2nd - $9; 3rd - $7
1. Basketry - Any Materials
2. Beadwork - Jewelry, clothing, any other
3. Ceramics
4. Chairs & Stools - Woven or Caned
5. Crochet Thread
6. Crochet Yarn
7. Cross-Stitched -Counted - NOT Machine cross-stitch
8. Cross-Stitched -Other - NOT Machine cross-stitch
9. Decorative Painting - Tole, China Painting, Textile Painting, Stenciling, Any Other
10. Dolls - Any Type (No Kits)
11. Embroidery-Hand - All Types including Brazilian, Ribbon, Crewel (ALL HANDWORK)
12. Embroidery-Machine - All, including machine cross-stitch
13. Fine Arts Painting-Acrylics
14. Fine Arts Painting-Charcoal & Drawings
15. Fine Arts Painting-Pastels
16. Fine Arts Painting-Oil
17. Fine Arts Painting-Watercolor
18. Handcrafted Toy - Any Material
19. Hand Stitching - Hardanger, Cutwork, Smocking, Applique
20. Holiday Decoration-Christmas - Christmas Only
21. Holiday Decoration-Non-Christmas - Any other than Christmas
22. Jewelry-Non-Beaded
23. Knitting-Hand
24. Knitting-Machine
25. Needlepoint - Any Type Canvas
26. Paper Crafts
27. Photography-Black & White: Person (Individuals, groups)
28. Photography-Black & White: Place (Landscapes, scenery)
29. Photography-Black & White: Other (Animals, insects, flowers, etc.)

30. Photography-Color: Person (Individuals, groups)
31. Photography-Color: Place (Landscapes, scenery)
32. Photography-Color: All Other (Animals, insects, flowers, etc.)
33. Pottery
34. Quilts: Applique & Cathedral Window (All Work of Member)
35. Quilts: Baby & Lap (All Work of Member)
36. Quilts: Embroidered-Hand (All Work of Member)
37. Quilts: Embroidered-Machine (All Work of Member)
38. Quilts: Hand-pieced & Hand-quilted (All Work of Member)
39. Quilts: Machine-pieced & Hand-quilted (All Work of Member)
40. Quilts: Hand-pieced & Machine-quilted (All Work of Member)
41. Quilts: Machine-pieced & Machine-quilted (All Work of Member)
42. Quilts: Hand or Machine-pieced & Professionally Quilted (All Work of Members EXCEPT quilting may be done by another FCE member or non-member; paid or free)
43. Quilt: Pillow (All Work of Member)
44. Quilt: Wall Hanging (All Work of Member)
45. Quilt: Other (ALL Work of Member; including clothing, pot holders, placemats, and rag-time quilts)
46. Repurposing (Recycling material to create something new)
47. Rug Making (Any Type)
48. Sculpture (Any Medium)
49. Stained Glass
50. Tatting
51. Weaving-Hand
52. Weaving-Loom
53. Woodworking
54. Wreaths
55. Home Decor (Examples: Placemats, tablecloths, pot holders, dish towels etc.)
56. Pillow (not quilted)
57. Decorated Gourd
58. Barn Quilt (no larger than 4ft x 4ft)*NEW*
59. Diamond Dot *NEW*
60. Iris Folding using Paper *NEW*
61. Iris Folding using Ribbon *NEW*
62. Christmas Ornament made from natural materials (Examples: pinecones, twigs, acorns, etc.) *NEW*
63. Club Quilt - Theme must be Quilt of Valor. SIze must be 60"x80". Quilt must be made by multiple club members of the same club. Quilts will be donated to the Wilson County Quilts of Valor program. *NEW*
Categories 54-63 are county-level categories only. These entries will be judged and winners will be awarded placings. However, the winners in these categories WILL NOT advance to the regional contest.
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