Champion of Champions
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Champion of Champions

Sunday, August 25, 2024 @ 3 PM
Location: Q Barn

Judge: TBA

Champion of Champions - $500
Reserve Champion - $400
3rd Overall - $300
4th Overall - $200
5th Overall - $100

  1. This is a junior show only, for Tennessee exhibitors only. The judges will select a Tennessee Champion from all of the breeds judged during the Junior Open Beef Shows. If asked by show management, the junior must be able to show proof of age, such as a driver’s license, birth certificate or other ID showing date of birth.
  2. Only a 4-H, FFA or Junior Breed Association member may exhibit animals in this show. The junior exhibitor must show their own animal(s). If a junior exhibitor has more than one animal competing in the “Champion of Champions,” the exhibitor can have another junior exhibitor show that second animal.
  3. This junior show will be governed by the National Breed & Junior Associations Rules & Regulations.
  4. All animals exhibited must have been recorded, registered or transferred in the exhibitor’s name on or before August 16 of the current year.
  5. Animals must follow the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Rules & Regulations, stated earlier in the catalog.
  6. Rules for Judging: The judge’s decision is final.
  7. The judge will select from all the Breed Grand Champion Females the top five (5) overall winners. One will be named the Wilson County - Tennessee State Fair Champion of Champion. The remaining Breed Grand Champion Females plus the female that stood 2nd to the Champion Female will compete for the remaining placements.
  8. Tennessee Breed Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion winners will be awarded premiums through the “Champion of Champions” division
Black Hereford
Commercial Heifer
Shorthorn Plus
All Other Breeds
Simmental %

General Rules for all Beef Cattle

  2. There will only be room in the barn for cattle on the day they are to show. For any exceptions, please contact Show Chairman.
  3. Any breed that has 20 head or more pre-registered in the show will have a division for that breed.
  4. Any breed not listed will show on Friday night.
  5. Tennessee Health Requirements apply to all cattle.
  6. Unruly animals may be excused from the show ring by the Judge or Show Chairman.
  7. Show cattle should be on grounds three hours before show time.
  8. Trucks & trailers shall park in designated areas after unloading. NO PARKING AROUND BARN.
  9. All cattle must be registered with their respective breed association.
  10. Livestock trailers should enter through the Tennessee Blvd. entrance.
  11. Showmanship classes - Heifers & Steers Only. You can only show in one showmanship.
  12. TN Junior Shows and Junior Open Shows will run with the Open Show of each breed with the exception of Herefords.
  13. You can only show in one show - You may NOT show the same animal in more than one show. An animal may be shown in its breed, show as an AOB or commercial but not all three. ONLY ONE SHOW.
  14. Animals must remain in barn or designated tie areas NOT on trailers unless Chairman grants permission.
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