Lawn Mower Demolition Derby
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Lawn Mower Demolition Derby

Date of Show: Friday, August 25 & Saturday, August 26, 2023
Time of Show: Intermission Time during the Demolition Derby
Location: Motor Sports Arena

Information for Competitors

Competition Director: Michael Holbrook 615-478-0051

Announcers: Ricky Heath

Stock & Mod Classes each night at intermission
Entry Fee: $20.00 Register at the Fair night of event.

Stock & Modified

1st Place - 100% Cash Payback & Trophy

2nd Place – Trophy
3rd Place - Trophy

2023 Demolition Mower Rules

Entry Fee: $20

  • Mower must be a factory available lawn mower, no garden tractor. (No homemade frames.)
  • No rear engine lawn mowers are allowed.
  • Engine must be a factory lawn mower engine such as Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, Onan, etc.
  • All frame modification and frame reinforcing will be allowed.
  • Transaxles must be factory available mower transaxles, but any reinforcing and/or welding of spider gears are permitted.
  • Engine bay reinforcing is permitted, but must be contained inside of hood and must maintain factory body lines.
  • All mowers must run a factory hood and fenders and have the hood either screwed or welded down to dash panel around driver’s area. (Note: If hood is fiberglass you can make one out of sheet metal only, but must be the same size as the fiberglass one.)
  • Mowers must have good brakes and forward and reverse gears at the start of the heat.
  • Gas tank must be secured and have a cap on it. (If any gas at all is leaking, you will be asked to shut it down.)
  • Leg guards are mandatory and must be bolted and/or welded from rear fender to front of foot rest or frame.
  • A rear bumper is permitted, but is not allowed to extend more than 4 inches out and it must stay in between the tires; also, no spikes, sharp edges or any pertusions allowed. (Bumper can be home made with I/H beam or sq. tubing.)
  • Regearing and changing or pulleys to increase speed is permitted and encouraged.
  • Any and all drive train modifications are permitted, but must stay belt driven.
  • All mowers must use lawn mower type wheels; tractor threads and cut tires will be permitted, but no tire chains or dual wheels will be allowed.
  • Mower decks must be removed.
  • All head lights and any other glass and plastics must be removed before you enter the pits.
  • Batteries must be removed from mower and only used to jump start the mower before the heat begins. If a pull start is used, driver will not be permitted to restart engine during the heat.
  • No front bumpers. You can build up the front of the frame and underneath the grill to hit with. The front of the mower must be a smooth finish for safety.
  • Roll-over driver is out of heat. Also, if a driver touches the ground with a hand or a foot, driver is out of the heat.
  • For safety, if a mower does roll over, all drivers must stop and wait until that driver up-rights his mower and gets off the track.
  • Please put your number on each side of your mower or helmet so we can tract the winners.
  • We will go over all ground rules in a mower’s driver’s meeting before the heat.
  • Mower inspection will be done by the drivers. If you see something, ask questions and learn. This is a new sport and we want it to grow. I will have an official walking through the pits before the heat. If there is any misunderstanding of the rules, please get with me or an official.

Keep in mind when building your mower, safety first for you and the mower you’re hitting. Before any payout, we may ask to look inside the mower for any batteries or chain driven setups or shaft type setups.

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