Demolition Derby
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Demolition Derby

MidSouth Ford Dealers
Date of Show: August 25, 2023
Time of Show: 7:00 pm
Location: Motor Sports Arena
Stock Full Size - Model Years 1980 & Up & Pre-Run Cars
Date of Show: August 26, 2023
Time of Show: 7:00 pm
Location: Motor Sports Arena
Stock Full Size - Model Years 1980 & Up & Pre-Run Cars

Information for Competitors

Competition Director: Michael Holbrook 615-478-0051

Friday & Saturday Night Demolition Derby

: Ricky Heath

Entry Fee: $100

Each Night

1st - $1,900.00 & Trophy
2nd -$1,250.00 & Trophy
3rd - $500.00 & Trophy
4th - $300.00 & Trophy
5th - $200.00 & Trophy
- $100.00 & Trophy

Youth Class – Saturday Night Rules

Participation Waiver Signed at Registration

(17 years and under parent or guardian must sign waiver)

- 13 to 17 yrs. – Birth Certificate, Proof of Age or License

- Stock Engine – No Performance Parts
1st - $1,000 & Trophy
2nd - $800.00 & Trophy
3rd - $600.00 & Trophy
4th - $400.00 & Trophy
5th - $200.00 & Trophy

Demolition Derby Rules

  • Any 1980 to 2002 American made car and station-wagon will be allowed. Vehicles are to be stock appearing and sounding gasoline engines only.Motor swaps will be allowed
  • Hump plates will be allowed on GM cars ONLY, to be no larger than 22” x 22” x ¼”
  • Motors must be stock, no aftermarket performance parts, vehicles must be as close to the original factory motor and drivetrain as possible both stock appearing and sounding
  • The firewall and dash on the driver side is to remain in place for driver protection
  • Trans-coolers will be allowed, must be covered with rubber mat or non-flammable material
  • Radiators must remain the original position or be removed completely.Can have a 1” all-thread at core support with no more than a 3” spacer.Radiator shrouds will not be allowed
  • Rear-ends may be welded for posi-traction, must be 5 lug car rear-end. No braces and must fit in the original factory trailing arms.Hump Plates will be allowed on GM vehicles only no larger than 22” x 22” x ¼”
  • Headers thru the hood are optional
  • Exhaust is to be removed at the manifold if left under the car
  • An 18” hole must be cut in the hood
  • Hood is to be secured with chains, bolts & nuts or #9 wire at each front corner
  • Original gas tank must be removed, a 6-gallon maximum DOT Approved gas tank must be mounted inside the car, strapped down & covered by rubber or a non-flammable material
  • The battery must be removed from under the hood, must be mounted inside the car in a battery box or strapped down & covered by rubber or a non-flammable material. Only one battery is allowed per vehicle
  • Body mounts must remain in the factory original position
  • Bumpers can be swapped to 1980 and newer car bumpers
  • Front bumpers may be welded hard-nose or factory shocks specific to that year model may be used
  • Front bumper shocks are to be chained or welded in the compressed position
  • Notching or dimpling the frame is optional, pre-bending or boxing the rear-end is not allowed
  • Front A-Arms may be bolted or chained down, if bolted no more than a 3/8” bolt is allowed. Rear shocks may be solid
  • Both drivers and passenger doors must be secured with #9 wire or chains, bolts & nuts
  • Windshield bar is mandatory, using #9 wire is acceptable
  • All Terrain, Snow, Mud and Bobcat tires will be allowed with tubes only
  • Four (4) point safety cage and rollover bar are required and must be bolted or welded to the body of the vehicle and cannot connect to the frame in any way
  • All glass including windshield, side windows, rear windows, headlights, taillights, mirrors and interior as well as any plastic or fiberglass parts are to be removed prior to entering the facility. Rolling down windows is not permitted
  • Cars must have a 15” x 15” number mounted to the top of the car, no larger than 18” x 18”, and be painted a solid fluorescent color on both sides for scoring purposes
  • There should be no trash or debris in the car
  • SAFETY: DOT/SNELL approved full face helmet, goggles, neck brace, safety belt, long sleeve shirt, pants & proper footwear are the minimum safety requirements, a fire suit top is recommended. No electronic or communication devices allowed in helmets
  • We reserve the right to re-inspect all prize-winning vehicles following the event, all decisions are final
  • Do not read into the rules, if it doesn’t say you can, you can’t

Each driver must fill out an entry form. Drivers must supply their own car. Only one entry per person. Drivers admission fee to the fair will be reimbursed at the registration table during check in.

Information and entry forms can be found at the following link:

Each Driver must be eighteen (18) years of age and sign a release form, drivers under the age of eighteen (18) must have a release form signed by his or her parent or legal guardian.Anyone under the age of 18 will only be allowed to participate in the youth event

The Wilson County Fair will not be held responsible for any vehicles, parts or personal property before during or after the event.

All cars, parts and debris will be removed from the fairgrounds following the event by the participants.

Anyone using abusive language will be disqualified/removed from the event. This shall apply to any driver, anyone speaking for a driver or participant, officials, track workers and event crew members.

Pit Passes: Each car will receive two pit passes, one for the driver & one for a support person. When the release form is signed at registration the driver will receive one pit pass and will have one additional pit pass for a support person. All support personnel who will be entering the pit area must also sign the release form at the registration table to receive the second pit pass. Participants in the Youth Derby will receive one armband for the driver and two additional pit passes for support personnel.

All vehicles will be inspected before entering the pit area in the arena. Our goal is to let everyone participate that has tried to follow the above rules. If there is an issue with a vehicle that cannot be corrected to meet the above rules the participant will be issued a full refund and not allowed to participate.

Drivers may hit head on.

No deliberate driver door hits are allowed.Intentional or repetitive driver door hits will result in disqualification.

Double-teaming is not allowed.

Sandbagging Rule: If the crowd is booing the event will be stopped by the head official and announcer. The crowd will then vote on who is sandbagging and a “Pink Dot” will be applied to the side of the vehicle. If the event is stopped again for sandbagging from the same vehicle he/she will be removed from the event.

Drivers will have 90 seconds to restart their vehicle or will be disqualified.

Drivers are required to keep their helmet, neck brace and safety belt on and fastened until the event is over.

Drivers are only allowed to exit the vehicle with permission of the officials while on the track, exiting the vehicle without approval may result in disqualification.

In the event a driver is black flagged or removed from the event, any entry fees or winnings will be forfeited.

Mad Dog winners will be voted on by the crowd.

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