*NEW* Wilson County 4-H Fashion Revue
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*NEW* Wilson County 4-H Fashion Revue

The Wilson County Youth Fashion Show provides the youth of Wilson County an opportunity to show off their sewing skills through modeling clothing items they have made themselves. Each participant will choose classes based on their grades as of January 1 of the current year. Youth may enter one garment or ensemble in each category for which their experience and grade level are included. Those entering the beginning category should have less than two years of sewing experience. Descriptions of each class are below the list.
Youth must submit a card detailing what the outfit/costume/ensemble is made out of for the announcer to announce as they walk they walk the runway for each entry.

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1. Beginning Sewing - Elastic Waist Garment - Grades 4-5
2. Beginning Sewing - Grades 6-12
3. School Wear - Grades 4-7
4. School Wear - Grades 8-12
5. Best Wear - Grades 4-7
6. Best Wear - Grades 8-12
7. Formalwear - Grades 8-12
8. Accessories - Grades 4-8
9. Accessories - Grades 9-12
10.Costume - Grades 4-12
11.Upcycled Garment - Grades 4-12
12.Quilt - Grades 4-8
a. Quilt Top
b. Wall Hanging
c. Lap
d. Twin
e. Queen
f. King
13.Quilt - Grades 9-12
a. Quilt Top
b. Wall Hanging
c. Lap
d. Twin
e. Queen
f. King

Description of Each Class

Beginning Sewing - Grades 4&5: Elastic Waist Garment: a skirt, pair of pants, skort, or shorts with elastic in the waistband made by the youth with 2 years or less sewing experience. Shirt or top may be purchased or handmade.

Beginning Sewing Grades 6-12:
Complete outfit which includes a pants or shorts and top, skirt and top, simple dress, etc.

School Wear: Complete outfit which includes pants outfits, skirts and tops, casual dresses, khakis and shirts, capri pants or knee length shorts and tops, etc. This should be an outfit appropriate for your school.

Best Wear: Complete outfit which includes "dressy" dresses, suits including skirts or pants with shirts or blouses, sports jacket with coordinating shirts and slacks, and may include vests or coats. This should be an outfit appropriate for a faith-based event, award ceremony, or job interview.

Formalwear: This category includes the best wear description above plus formal (long) or semi-formal (shorter lengths) prom-type, party dresses, or tuxedos.

Accessory: Any personal accessory item made by the youth - may include belt, scarf, purse, wallet, backpack, travel kit or bag, headband, hat, tie or bowtie.

Costume: This category includes items sewn by the youth that would be considered an historic costume, cosplay ensemble, or other costume. Open to grades 4-12.

Upcycled Garment: This category includes "new" garments created by significantly altering original garments or other fabric items. Sewing by machine or hand must be part of the alteration process, but other techniques (such as dyeing, distressing, etc.) may also be included. Open to grades 4-12.

Quilt (each division): This category is for completed quilts or a quilt top made by the youth. Each quilt must be complete. Quilts will compete against other quilts of the same size and in the same grade division. Quilt tops will compete against other quilt tops in the same grade division, regardless of size.
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