2022 Central Region Consumer Decision Making
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2022 Central Region Consumer Decision Making

Date: August 22, 2022
Registration: 9:30am Orientation: 10:15am
Location: Expo Center Stage
Junior High (6th-8th Grades) and Senior High (9-12 Grades)
Grade as of January 1

Co-Chairs: Emily Osterhaus & Emily Webb

Premium Schedule:
Junior High Teams:
1st-$75 ~ 2nd-$50 ~ 3rd-$35 ~4th-$30 ~ 5th-$25
High Point Individual: $25

Senior High Teams:
1st-$100 ~ 2nd-$75 ~ 3rd-$50 ~ 4th-$30 ~ 5th-$25
High Point Individual: $25

This event consists of four judging classes, one set of oral reasons (Senior High Only), one set of questions (Junior High only) and one Group Think activity.
If a team has four members, the lowest score is dropped in each class to determine the awards.
Information and resources will be provided in advance for the four classes and the Group Think topic by the state 4-H office. One of the four classes will be used for oral reasons/questions. The reasons/question class will be announced the day of the contest during orientation.
Participants will be provided with the judging cards on which to mark their placing. Participants may have their own clipboard and plain calculator. No other paper will be allowed into the judging area. Plain note cards will be provided for the reason/questions class. Each member is responsible for providing their own pencil, two pencils are recommended.
Each of the placing classes will consist of four items to be ranked 1st through 4th, based on the scenario/situation that is provided for that class. Participants will have 10 minutes to judge and mark their score card in each class.
Each senior high participant will give one set of oral reasons. Participants will have 10 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to present their reasons. Each junior high participant will answer five questions for the questions class. Participants will have 10 minutes to answer their questions.
Each team will participate in a Group Think activity. Each team will be given 10 minutes to process and present their results to the judge. With judges watching, the team will read the scenario, evaluate possible solutions, discuss their solutions, and present a final statement of their decision. More information of this activity will be given to County Extension Agents.
Total scores are based on 50 points each for the four judging classes (200) and 50 points for the score is a possible 600 for classes, 150 points for reasons/questions and 100 points for the Group Think, for a total possible score of 850 points per team.
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