Adult Fair Volunteer Application
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Adult Fair Volunteer Application

What is expected of a volunteer?

  • Fair Board Meetings are held once a month, January-July. This is where you will receive updates about what will be happening at the upcoming Fair. This also gives a chance for committees to meet and plan. We understand everyone cannot be at every meeting, but these are very important. You are the face of the Fair. The more you know, the more you can help!
  • Volunteers are expected to work at least 20 hours or more for the Fair. We have some volunteers that work 60-80 hours or better.
  • Show up for scheduled work times. You will be assigned a work schedule unless the committee you are working on assigns their own work schedule.
  • When you volunteer you are automatically assigned as a committee member. This gives you an opportunity to learn more about the Fair and figure out where you fit best.
  • Volunteers who work hard, are committed and are responsible are given consideration for being moved to Board of Director status when the Nominating Committee meets each December. We have some volunteers who move up in 4 or 5 years and some volunteers who want to remain as committee members. This is based on vacancies that occur to the Board Directors.
  • All volunteers are given a name badge to gain entrance to the Fair.
  • It is very important that volunteers show up at their scheduled times to work. If there is an emergency that you cannot work your scheduled time, call your committee chairman so that a replacement can hopefully be found. Last minute replacements are difficult.
  • Work packets and schedules are distributed at the July Fair Board meeting. Please review your schedule immediately and let your Committee Chairman or Fair Volunteer Coordinator in the Fair Office know about any conflicts.
  • If a volunteer does not show up for their scheduled times to work, unless it is an emergency, this is reason for a volunteer to be removed. Chairmen need to report this to the Fair Volunteer Coordinator
  • Your badge and ticket will have a barcode for you to be scanned at the ticket booth entrances to gain entrance to the Fair.
  • Please let the Fair office know that you are at the Fair at other times when you are not scheduled to work in case there is a need for volunteers to fulfill work needs.
  • Volunteer kitchen is open during predetermined times. Drinks are available in the Volunteer kitchen.
  • Volunteer t-shirts that are provided by Mid-South Ford will be distributed at the July meeting as long as supplies last. Other Fair merchandise will be available for purchase as announced in newsletters.
  • There is volunteer parking available in designated areas, however you are welcome to park in other public parking areas.
"Volunteers who do not adhere to the rules and procedures of the Fair organization or who do not satisfactorily perform their volunteer assignments are subject to discipline and/or dismissal."
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