Adult Family Consumer Sciences
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Date of Show: August 18-27
Time of Show: During Fair Hours
Location: Expo Center - South Hall
On line registration is closed. All exhibits must be entered between 10am and 3pm on Saturday, August 13, 2022 at the Expo Center.


Chairman: Frances Baker - 615-310-1249Advisor:Shelly Barnes – 615-444-9584 -
Register online or all entries must be brought to the Farm Bureau Expo Center and registration forms filled out for each entry.
  1. No person may enter more than one exhibit in any one lot.
  2. Prizes will be awarded on decision of the judges.
  3. All exhibits must be entered between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 13, 2022. People with 20 or more entries can enter on Friday, August 12, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  4. All exhibits are to be removed Sunday, August 28, 2022 between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Claim stubs are needed to pick up entry items.
  5. All entries must have been made since August 1, 2021 unless otherwise indicated or never have been exhibited before. No soiled articles will be accepted.
  6. Entries must have NEVER been exhibited before.
  7. Soiled articles will NOT be accepted.
  8. Exhibitors must be 19 years old or older.
  9. Entries must be crafted by exhibitor to be eligible. Commercially produced items will be disqualified.
  10. Competition open only to Wilson County residents or members of Wilson County Family and Community Education Clubs.
  11. The Wilson County Promotions will not be responsible for any loss or damage to entries.
  12. No entry may be removed before the date and time specified in rule number 4.
  13. The Wilson County Fair will not be responsible for any entry left past the time specified in rule number 4.
  14. Any entry that does not comply with rule #5 & rule #6 will be disqualified.
  15. Best of Show ribbons will be awarded in each division. Each Best of Show ribbon winner will win additional prize money for that award.
  16. For specific food preservation rules, please see separate instructions under Food Preservation section.
  17. No exhibitors will be allowed in the exhibition area during judging at the request of the judges and at the discretion of the Chairman. This will be enforced.

Division I: Food Preservation

Premiums: 1st - $12 ~ 2nd - $9~ 3rd - $7

All entries must be entered in clean, standard canning jars (e.g. no mayonnaise jars or specialty jars) with new, single use two piece lids and rings. Fancy fabric overlays or cozies interfere with judging and should not be used. Exhibits should be canned using tested, reliable recipes, i.e. USDA, Ball, pectin brand name or National Center for Home Food Preservation guidelines issued 2009 or later.

Completed Wilson County Fair Food Preservation labels are required for all entries and should be attached to entry. No substitutions. Downloadable labels are located on the top of this page.

Unsealed exhibits or products showing signs of spoilage or mold will not be judged. Products deemed unsafe will be emptied of its contents, empty jars will be returned to exhibitor at the official pick up day (Sunday following close of fair.) USDA guidelines will be used in judging food preservation. Products should be prepared and processed according to USDA/Extension information. Tested, reliable recipes must be used. For more information about tested reliable recipes go to or contact Shelly Barnes, FCS Extension Agent at or call 615-444-9584.

Prestigious Processor of the Pantry

Awarded to the individual earning the most points on their entries in the food preservation classes. Points will be awarded as follows: first place earns 5 points, second place earns 4 points, third place earns 3 points. The winner will receive a plaque and special rosette ribbon.
Class 1 - Jam, Jelly, Preserves-Canned
LOT (Pint or half pint)
1. Blackberry Jam
2. Blueberry Jam
3. Strawberry Jam
4. Strawberry Preserves
5. Pear Preserves
6. Peach Preserves
7. Plum Preserves
8. Cherry Preserves
9. Plum Butter
10.Peach Butter
11.Apple Butter
12.Grape Jelly
13.Apple Jelly
14.Blackberry Jelly
15.Plum Jelly
16.Raspberry Jelly
17.Peach Jelly
18.Blueberry Jelly
19.Pepper Jelly
20.Mint Jelly
21.Marmalade, any kind
22.Conserves, any kind

Class 2 - Pickles - Canned
LOT (Pint or Quart)
1. Bread and Butter Pickles
2. Beet Pickles
3. Cinnamon Pickles
4. Sweet Pickles, Sliced
5. Sweet Pickles, Whole
6. Squash Pickles
7. Okra Pickles
8. Pickled Brussel Sprouts
9. Peach Pickles
10. Pickled Pears
11.Pickled Peppers
12.Pickled Carrots
13.Pickled Green Beans
14.Pickled Onions
15.Pickled Green Tomatoes
16.Dill Sliced
17.Dill Whole
18.Dill Spears
Class 3 - Relishes - Canned
LOT (Pint or Quart)
1. Chile Salsa
2. Chow Chow
3. Pepper Relish
4. Pickle Relish
5. Corn Relish
6. Green Tomato Relish
7. Pear Relish
8. Salsa
9. Squash Relish
10.Dill Relish
11.Chutney, any kind

Class 4 - Vegetables - Canned
LOT (Pint or Quart)
1. Green Beans
2. Tomatoes
3. Tomato Juice
4. Soup Mixture
5. English Peas
6. Potatoes
7. Carrots
8. Shellie Green Beans
9. Field Peas
10 Corn, Creamed
11.Corn, Whole Kernel
13.Mixed Vegetables
14.Purple Hull Peas
15.Turnip Greens
Class 5 - Fruits - Canned
LOT (Pint or Quart)
1. Peaches
2. Pears
3. Blackberries
4. Apples
5. Applesauce
6. Apricots
7. Cherries
8. Blueberries
9. Plums
10.Apple Juice
11.Grape Juice
12.Pie Filling, Any Kind

Class 6 - Dehydrated Fruits, Dehydrated Vegetables & Jerky (Pint Jars)
1. Apples
2. Peaches
3. Fruit Leather
4. Field Peas
5. Beans - Lima
6. Beef Jerky
7. Deer Jerky

Class 7 - Herbs, Dehydrated
LOT (Half Pint or Pint)
1. Basil
2. Dill, Crushed
3. Mint
4. Oregano
5. Parsley
6. Sage
7. Thyme
8. Cilantro
9. Rosemary
10.Bay Leaves
11.Herb Blend

Division II - Sewing

Premiums: 1st - $12 ~ 2nd - $9 ~ 3rd - $7

Criteria Used for Judging Clothing at the Wilson County Fair

Construction Details: Fabric suited to pattern; sharp corners, smooth curves and edges (collars, pockets, necklines, armholes, cuffs, etc); evenness and accuracy of cutting; edges appropriately finished to prevent raveling on seams, facings and hems; all thread clipped; hems invisible on outside of garment (unless top-stitched); fabric design-matched; centered or balance; clean, well pressed; level of difficulty.
Class 1 - Adult Ready-To-Wear
1. Jacket
2. Skirt
3. Pants
4. Shirt
5. Aprons (homemade)
6. Casual Wear, 1 Piece
7. Casual Wear, 2 Piece
8. Best Dressed Informal
9. Formal Wear
11.Holiday - other

Class 2 - Children's Ready-to-Wear
1. Casual Wear, Boy
2. Casual Wear, Girl
3. Best Dressed Informal, Boy
4. Best Dressed Informal, Girl
5. Party Wear, Child
6. Shirt
7. Blouse
8. Skirt
9. Costume
10. Headbands
11. Miscellaneous
Class 3 - Clothing
Lot (Hand & Machine Work)
1. Smocking by Hand
2. Smocking by Machine
3. Applique
4. Miscellaneous Hand or Machine Work
5. Miscellaneous Embroidery

Class 4 - Infant Ready-to-Wear
1. Gown
2. Booties
3. Bonnet
4. Burp Pads
5. Bibs
6. Misc. (other than above)

Class 5 - Clothing (Doll Clothes)
1. Dress
2. Pants
3. Skirt
4. Blouse

Division III -Related Arts & Crafts

Premiums: 1st-$12 ~ 2nd-$9 ~ 3rd-$7
Class I - General Crafts
All jewelry entries to be in box or zip top bag.
1. Handmade Fabric Doll
2. Handmade Stuffed Toy
3. Handmade Toy (other than stuffed)
4. Ceramics
5. Jewelry Pin
6. Jewelry Necklace
7. Jewelry Bracelet
8. Jewelry Earrings
9. Jewelry Watch
10.Jewelry Miscellaneous
11.Decorated Clay Pot
12.Window Wreath (Round)
15.Wood (Small)
16.Wood (Large - not to exceed 3ft. wide and 4ft. long)
18.Garden Decorations
19.Table Decoration (other than holiday)
20.Items made from Recycled Material
21.Items made from Duct Tape
22.Items made from Wilson County Fair Ribbons (must be ribbons won by exhibitor from previous years)
24.Gift Wrapping (shirt box size, Christmas)
25.Deco Mesh Arrangements
26.Table Runner (non-holiday)
27.Diamond Dot Freestyle
28. Diamond Dot Kit
29. Origami
30. Miscellaneous Crafts (other than above)

Class 2 - Greeting Cards-All entries should be in Ziploc Bag
1. Iris Folding
2. Stamped Greeting
3. Pen & Ink Greeting
4. Easter Card
5. Halloween Card
6. Thanksgiving Card
7. Christmas Card
8. Holiday Card (other than above)
9. Birthday

Class 3 - Scrapbooking (1 page)
1. Birthday
2. Sports
3. Easter
4. Halloween
5. Thanksgiving
6. Christmas
7. Misc. (other than above)

Class 4 - Decorative Painting, Tole Painting and Stenciling
1. Tote Bag - Painted
2. Painting - Flowers
3. Painting - Scenery
4. Painting - Animals
5. Painting - Miscellaneous
6. Stenciling
7. Decorated Clothing Articles - Painted
8. Crayon Coloring on Fabric
9. Folk Art Painted
10.Pen and Ink
11.Stroke Work Painted

Class 5 - Crochet
1. Tablecloth
2. Pillow
3. Baby Dress
4. Baby Sweater
5. Baby Cap
6. Sweater
7. Doll Clothes
8. Vest
9. Edging
11.Afghan - Popcorn Stitch
12.Afghan - Granny Square
13.Afghan - Ripple
14.Afghan - Raised Flower
15.Afghan - Baby
16.Afghan - Miscellaneous
17.Doily - Large
18.Doily - Small
21.Purse or Bags
23.Adult Hats
25.Crochet - Miscellaneous
Class 6 - Knitting
1. Afghan
2. Sweater
3. Scarf
4. Baby Sweater
5. Baby Cap
6. Vest
7. Socks
8. Edging
9. Hat
Class 7 - General Needle Work
1. Hooked Rug
2. Place Mats (Set of two)
3. Decorated Clothing - Stitched Applique
4. Tablecloth - Embroidery and/or Cross Stitch
5. Towels - Dish or hand - (completely handmade)
6. Towel - Dish or Hand - Bought and Decorated
7. Swedish Weaving
9.Pillow - Embroidered
10.Pillow - Stitched Applique
11.Pillow - Cross Stitching
12.Pillow - Pieced
13.Pillow - Misc. (other than above)
14.Crewel Embroidery
16.Needlepoint on Plastic Canvas
17.Embroidery - Plain
18.Embroidery - Ribbon
19.Embroidery - Satin
20.Plain Cross Stitch
21.Tote Bag - Fabric
22.Needlework - Miscellaneous
23.Ruana Shawl (open front)
24.Braided Rug
25.Decorated Clothing - Miscellaneous

Class 8 - Cross Stitch
(Framed items must have hanger tab or wire)
1. Cross Stitch - 6-11 Count
2. Cross Stitch - 12-17 Count
3. Cross Stitch - 18-22 Count
4. Cross Stitch - Over 22 Count
Class 9 - Holiday Crafts, Amateurs Only - Must be a holiday theme, no seasonal. (Hanging frames must have hanger tab or wire)
1. Christmas Table Decorations
2. Easter Table Decorations
3. Halloween Table Decorations
4. Thanksgiving Table Decorations
5. Miscellaneous Holiday Table Decorations (other holidays not listed)
6. Holiday Table Runner
7. Christmas Door Decorations
8. Easter Door Decorations
9. Halloween Door Decorations
10.Thanksgiving Door Decorations
11.Miscellaneous Holiday Door Decorations (other holidays not listed)
12.Christmas Ornament (1) Counted Cross Stitch
13.Christmas Ornament (1) Needlepoint on Plastic Canvas
14.Christmas Ornament (1) Crochet
15.Christmas Ornament (1) Hand Painted
16.Christmas Ornament (1) Smocked
17.Christmas Ornament (1) Tamari Balls
18.Christmas Ornament (1) Angels
19.Christmas Ornament (1) Beaded
20.Christmas Ornament (1) Santa Claus
21.Christmas Ornament (1) Snowman
22.Christmas Ornament (1) Nativity
23.Christmas Ornament (1) Fabric *NEW*
24.Christmas Ornament (1) Misc.
25.Christmas Stocking
26.Holiday Clothing
27.Christmas Tree Skirt Miscellaneous
28.Holiday Pillow
29.Any Other Holiday Crafts (not listed above)

Class 10 - Quilts
1. Hand Pieced and Hand Quilted
2. Hand Pieced and Machine Quilted
3. Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted
4. Patriotic Quilt
5. Appliqued Hand Quilted
6. Cross Stitch Hand Quilted
7. Embroidered Hand Quilted
8. Multiple Technique Hand Quilted
9. Multiple Technique Machine Quilted
10.Wall Hanging Hand Quilted
11.Wall Hanging Machine Quilted
12.Wall Hanging - Small 40"
13.Wall Hanging - Large 55"
14.Miniature Quilt (less than 20") - Hand Quilted
15.Miniature Quilt (less than 20") - Machine Quilted
16.Quilt - Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted (Large)
17.Quilt - Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted (Baby)
18.Machine Applique Machine Quilted (Large)
19.Machine Applique Machine Quilted (Baby)
20.Machine Embroidered Machine Quilted
21.Clothing Hand Quilted
22.Clothing Machine Quilted
23.Whole Cloth Quilt
24.Flannel Quilt
25.T-Shirt Quilt
26.Crazy Quilt
27.No-Sew Quilt
28.Raggedy Edge Quilt
29.Couch Throws - 50"x75"
30.Paper Piecing
31.Holiday Quilt
32.Strip Quilt
33.Machine Quilted Misc.
34.Hand Quilted Misc.
Antique quilts and coverlets must be at least 45 years old. A short typed history of item must be included.
35.Antique Quilt
36.Antique Coverlet (Woven)
37.Antique Quilt Top made years ago but not made into a quilt
38.Club Quilts - Must be made as a joint effort by the club entering it and never have been entered at a previous fair. (This includes fce, Senior Citizen Groups, etc.)
Class 11 - Basketry
Pattern or Kit Baskets (Basket weaving using patterns or purchased kits)

1. Decorative
2. Holiday
3. Market
4. Classic Utility (must have specific work usage: egg, pie, picnic, etc)
5. Solid Bottom Utility Basket (must have specific work usage: egg, pie, picnic, etc.) *NEW*
6. Twill Woven

Unique or Non-Kit Baskets (Baskets created uniquely by exhibitor, no patterns or kits)
7. Shaker Cat Head Basket *NEW*
8. Decorative
9. Classic Utility
10. Native Materials (honeysuckle, grapevine, wood, bark, straw, etc.)
11. Purchased Material (reed, rattan, etc.)
11.Novelty (non-basket item)

12. Antique Basket (45 yrs. old or more, please provide a brief history on a 3x5 card)
13.Miscellaneous Basket (not listed above)

Class 12 - Gourds
1. Classic Utility Gourd (bowl, birdhouse, ladle, etc.)
2. Decorated Gourd
3. Gourd Jewelry
4. Christmas Tree Ornament
5. Holiday Decoration
6. Southwest Theme Gourd
7. Musical Instrument
8. Pine Needle Weaving Gourd
9. Woodburning Gourd
10.Miscellaneous Gourd (not listed above)

Class 13 - Spinning/Weaving

1. Handspun Animal Fiber Skein
2. Handspun Plant Fiber Skein
3. Novelty Yarn Skein (any fiber, blend, technique)
4. Handspun, Crocheted
5. Handspun, Knitted
6. Wool, felted items
7. Woven Garment (woven fabric - coat, vest, jacket, etc.)
8. Woven Accessories (pillow, rug, placemats (2), table runner, bag table toppers, etc.)
9. Peg Loom Weaving
10.Inkel Loom Weaving
11.Triangle Loom Weaving
12.Miscellaneous (Not listed above)
Class 14 - Tye Dye
1. Adult Clothing
2. Children's Clothing
3. Accessories

Class 15 - Agricultural Commodity
(These items must feature the current year's agricultural commodity. 2022 is the Year of Hay)
1. Sewn Item: Clothing
2. Sewn Item: Other
3. Paper Craft
4. Toy
5. Jewelry
6. Wreath
7. Table Decoration
8. Painting
9. Cross-Stitch
10.Needle Work (non-cross-stitch)
13.Wall Hanging
14. Miscellaneous (not listed above)
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